It’s not Magic. It’s 40 Years of Digital Rate Books.

Gets Data

We can help retrieve inforce data, based on your advisor codes, without manual data entry. So you can stop typing and start automating.


Our decades of rates, contracts, & illustrations find issues or opportunities instantly. Our database knows what’s in nearly every inforce contract.


Proactively get an email with a fully quoted and comprehensive policy opportunity review months or years before a deadline.


Increase sales to existing customers by 3 apps per month; review any inforce contract on a client’s behalf – even on the spot.


Inforce Data, Insight, and Alerts

InforcePRO™ is a web-based software platform backed by private equity and engaged by over 1,000 agencies in Canada and the United States. InforcePRO™ does three things very well. First, it is able to retrieve inforce business from 29 major carriers premised on a) it’s database containing 40 years of contractual [policy] knowledge and b) it’s market-leading systems, knowledge, and relationships.

Second, it’s able to draw on that database to algorithmically identify policy dates such as the end of a conversion option period or a potential lapse on 30 years of contracts. And third, it’s able to automatically create custom illustrated audits and sales presentations using the country’s first full-fledged Winflexweb™ and LifeGuide™ quoting integrations. These three things enable agencies and producers to manage orphans, de-risk blocks, find new sales, and reinvigorate the organization.

A System with Insurance Intelligence

By combing through your book of business, our software draws on nearly 40 years of rate tables, contracts, and illustrations, to find issues and opportunities instantly. By looking at the issue date and product name, our life product database knows what’s in your inforce contracts.

It changes your policy reviews from reactive to proactive and saves you or your assistant the time of going back-and-forth with carriers. Whether it is an annual review for a current client, or a courtesy policy review for a prospective client, InforcePRO empowers you to offer valuable information in a fraction of the time.

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