Manage your life insurance book of business effortlessly.

Audit any inforce life contract – on the spot.

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It’s not Magic. It’s 40 Years of Digital Rate Books.

Gets Data.

We can help retrieve inforce data, based on your advisor codes, without manual data entry. So you can stop typing and start automating.


Our decades of rates, contracts, & illustrations find issues or opportunities instantly. Our database knows what’s in nearly every inforce contract.


Proactively get an email with a fully quoted and comprehensive policy opportunity review months or years before a deadline.


Increase sales to existing customers by 3 apps per month; review any inforce contract on a client’s behalf – even on the spot.

Instant Policy Audits and Presentations.

Proactively get an email fully quoted and comprehensive annual reviews months or years before deadlines. The reports that InforcePRO generates contains insightful information relating to the existing contract (from our contract knowledge base) complete with illustrations, comparisons, suggestions, and your personal branding. All reports can be individually tailored to meet a client’s specific need or preference – such as the desire to only quote a certain carrier, or up coverage to a certain amount – all via our intuitive online interface. Eliminate “presentation hesitation” – the tendency to delay potentially profitable policy reviews – because of the time investment.

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A System with Insurance Intelligence.

By combing through your book of business, our software draws on nearly 40 years of rate tables, contracts, and illustrations, to find issues and opportunities instantly. By looking at the issue date and product name, our life product database knows what’s in your inforce contracts. It changes your policy reviews from reactive to proactive and saves you or your assistant the time of going back-and-forth with carriers. Whether it is an annual review for a current client, or a courtesy policy review for a prospective client, InforcePRO empowers you to offer valuable information in a fraction of the time.

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Contract Database

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  • It is not a CRM; there is no implementation or learning curve. It just keeps my life block compliant, serviced and profitable.Nick Bennet
  • I think you have done a tremendous job and are providing a service sorely needed in our industry, given that expectations and compliance costs continue to escalate.Cheryl S. Dunham
  • We just closed the Optio – Financial Horizons deal and I see LifeAssist as the ideal tool for getting me back into the life insurance business as an Advisor.Aaron West
  • Wow…I just logged in and this is amazing!  It’s the stuff dreams are made of; I would love to get our office on this.Jonathan Scurry
  • With so much change and distractions for our advisors today, InforcePro is an amazing silent sales partner.Casey Brandreth
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