Email Best Practices for Managing Orphan Policies

WRITTEN BY Paul Winandy, CFA 03.14.17

Online marketing campaigns can increase an agencies bottom line, can be used as leverage to engage with old clients, and can be the ticket to new business. Engaging through email is important because it creates a fast, reliable form of communication that is free and easily accessible to all.

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Three Steps to Proactively Manage Orphan Policies

WRITTEN BY Paul Winandy, CFA 03.01.17

As the life insurance industry continues to see an increase in orphan policies, InforcePRO looks at how to start to tackle the problem.

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Three Reasons to Manage Universal Life Policies with InforcePRO

WRITTEN BY Rick Stevens 02.14.17

When your term-life clients want to explore universal life coverage, will you be ready? Universal life policies are complex and costly to manage if you don’t have the right tools, which is frustrating for agents and their clients. 

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Build a High Value Insurance Business through Automation

WRITTEN BY Rick Stevens 02.08.17

60% of agents do annual policy reviews, do you?  Not conducting reviews or manually managing your in-force book leaves you at risk for higher rates of policy lapse and missed opportunities for sales. Read how to Build a High-Value Insurance Business using Automation and uncover how other pros have grown their business and increased customer satisfaction.

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Four Secrets to Selling Life Insurance to Millennials

WRITTEN BY Paul Winandy, CFA 01.26.17

As Millennials hit the prime spending years of their life and Baby Boomers are retiring, is it time to change our mindset and insurance customer experience? We look at how insurance agents can position their business to capture the maximum opportunity Millennials present.

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